Jonjoli, a new way to see the tradition

We have better cars, better beds, better studies…Why is our way of feed ourselves worse? Why do we eat food that isn´t only not beneficial for us, that even in many cases are harmful for us? Your body should be the more important place for you, look after you, your diet with healthy and quality food.

20 years go a long way

Although we are a new Brand, we´ve been more than 20 years on the organic food sector. 20 years wherein the organic food was mostly unknown, only for gourmands and eccentrics, until becoming today to the best choice to feed us and take care of ourselves. Jonjoli emerge with the idea of becoming a referent of quality on organic food. Respect for the raw materials, because we only use the best quality food, respect for organic philosophy and of course, respect for fair trade. We want to bring over high quality products to the final consumer, inform and promote awareness amongst our clients about the benefits of consume our superfoods, and adapt to a more healthy balance food.

Your body is your world, learn how to take care of it

BIO means life
Any component of our products haven´t changed in the process. Simply raw material 100% organic.
In harmony with the environment
Our products are 100% organic crops from absolute balance with the environment.
Organic pureness
The pureness of all of our products and process guarantee an optimal and sustainable to all of our products.